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Whether you are a contractor involved in a fee dispute or a home owner unhappy with your finished project, the experienced and aggressive attorneys at Davidson Law Center can help you resolve your legal challenge. Michael Davidson is a former licensed general contractor with first-hand knowledge of the local construction industry. Since 1982, he has successfully litigated hundreds of construction disputes. Put his hands-on experience to work for you.

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Some important things to keep in mind:

1)Contractors often operate without formal written contracts, relying on invoices and verbal contracts instead. This can put both sides of the agreement at risk. It is difficult to enforce verbal contracts and they have a shorter statute of limitations than written contracts so you do not have as long to bring your claim. It pays to have an attorney prepare a formal written contract with the right provisions.

2)If you are paying a contractor, do not complete the last payment until the work is completed and all liens have been released. If a dispute arises, contact us and we can help you resolve it.

3)It is crucial that every contractor be properly registered and bonded, and anyone hiring a contractor should make sure the person they hire is registered and bonded.