High Dollar Divorce

We represented a woman who had filed for divorce from her husband of 30 plus years. She had been a stay-at-home Mom and her husband had been successful in his career earning well over $180,000.00 per year. Using the principals applied in In re the Marriage of Rockwell we were able to obtain a 60/40 split in the women’s favor, of the substantial marital assets as well as obtain long-term spousal maintenance until she is of retirement age.

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Just seven of more than three hundred alleged stolen items seized from a Pasco auto repair business can be used as evidence in a case that police called a “massive fencing organization.” Defense attorney Michael Davidson challenged the search warrants and asked Judge Matheson to dismiss the case against his client. Davidson argued that the search warrant only authorized a search of the main business location, but investigators violated that when they searched the warehouse and a lot on the other side of the building.

Judge Matheson agreed, ruling that the only items that could be presented as evidence at trial were two pressure washers, a utility trailer and a few other non-incriminating items. The charges against attorney Davidson’s client were amended to a lesser charge.

A fire seriously damaged a Richland apartment complex. Repairs of the apartment units were performed by a local contractor in a substandard way. In the ensuing lawsuit, the apartment owner was happy to receive a substantial refund and damages for the deficient repairs.

Construction Accident/Spinal Injury $1,060,000
Medical Negligence/Surgical Infection $1,000,000
Medical Negligence/Sexual Abuse $200,000
Product Liability/Defective Prosthesis $180,000
Nursing Home Neglect/Bed Sore $275,000
Auto Collision/Spinal Injury $80,000
Medical Negligence/Perforated Bladder $300,000
Auto Collision/Neck, Back, and Hip Injuries $70,000
Lawn Mower Accident/Hand Injury $333,000
Auto Collision/Lower Back Injury $110,358
Medical Negligence/Anesthesia $300,000
Auto Collision/Neck Injury $86,500
Product Defect/Blade Guard/Arm Injury $100,000
Auto Collision/Elderly Claimant $122,500
Auto Collision/Neck and Back Injury $100,000
Nursing Home Neglect/Pressure Sore $175,000
Vehicle/Pedestrian Collision $60,000
Auto Collision/Neck and Back Injuries $450,000
Auto/Pedestrian Collision $75,000
Auto Collision/Multiple Injuries $578,000
Auto Collision/Back & Leg Injuries $158,000
Auto Collision/Knee & Shoulder Injury $100,000
Auto/Bike Collision Multiple Injuries $150,000
Pedestrian/Auto Collision/Wrist Fracture $60,000
Auto Collision/Neck Injury $144,000
Auto Collision/Wrist Injury $70,000
Medical Negligence/Retained Surgical Sponge $80,000