Incredibly knowledgeable and direct, yet friendly. No nonsense, just the law and results!

Brittany D.

Had another attorney for my daughter who did not do a very good job. Just wanted the money. Mike spent a bunch of time answering questions and giving advise even on how to say "our daughter" instead of "my daughter," which the courts frown on. He spent the time to go over documents he was preparing to make sure they were accurate...not a para legal. He knows the case and is intimately knowledgable regarding what needs to be done and is not afraid to do it. Highly recommended if you want the best give him a call.


Mr. Davidson helped me to sell my restaurant business. He prepared the sale contract and promissory note then when the buyer raised issues and threatened not to pay the balance of money owed me Mr. Davidson helped resolve the claims so I received the money owed to me.

I highly recommend Mr. Davidson for his services.

Saifon Cook

Restaurant Owner

In May 2012, my 14 year old son Noah was hit by a car in Walla Walla while he was riding his bicycle. Noah sustained serious head, facial, and leg injuries with over $74,000.00 in medical bills. I contacted several attorneys in the Walla Walla area and I was told that it appeared that my son was at fault and they would not take his case. Last year I went to Davidson Law Center for an unrelated legal matter and while speaking with Michael Davidson we began discussing my son's collision and injuries. Mr. Davidson offered to investigate the accident. With the help of an accident reconstructionist, Mr. Davidson was able to determine that my son was not at fault. He vigorously pursued a claim against the at-fault driver. Mr. Davidson was able to obtain a large settlement for my son that took care of his medical bills and that will allow him to attend college and provide for any corrective surgeries that might be necessary in the future as he grows. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to know that my son's medical bills were taken care of and his college education will be paid for because of the efforts of Davidson Law Center.

Erika McAlvey

Mother of Personal Injury Client

I retained Mr. Davidson to represent me in my divorce and custody case. Mr. Davidson is very aggressive in court, while being courteous and respectful to other attorney's and the other parties, which shows a lot of character on his part. Mr. Davidson also paid attention to the small details of my case, always keeping me informed of everything going on and giving me excellent advice. He showed a lot of care and concern for me and what I was going through. Mr. Davidson is in my opinion the best attorney in the Tri-City area. I would recommend hiring Mr. Davidson for any legal matters that you might have if you really want the best representation. On a scale of 1-10 Mr. Davidson is a 12!! Mr. Davidson's staff is also awesome; they are all very friendly and helpful. My case could not have turned out any better than it did; in fact it far exceeded my expectations.

Matthew Reynolds

Family Law Client

My name is Cynthia Davis. I was involved in a contract dispute where I was owed over $80,000 for sale of my limousine business. I was not being paid my money, so Mr. Davidson had to file a lawsuit to recover it. We recovered all of our money and our attorney fees and court costs too. I recommend Mr. Davidson for your future legal needs.

Cynthia Davis

Civil Litigation Client

Michael J. Davidson of Davidson Law Center, Inc., represented me in an auto collision case, and I was pleased with the services I received as follows: a settlement of over $124,000 instead of the $50,000 offered. He and his staff worked long and hard on my case.

Ray White

Personal Injury Client

Thank you for the work you provided my daughter and my mother. You went above and beyond, and got the results that we needed. We truly and gratefully appreciate the job that you did. Thank you. I appreciated your tenacity, and your perseverance. Your time is very much appreciated.

Angela R. Stringer

The very best service from this office while helping me with my case. I was well informed from the beginning and always kept up to date on the progress with my case. Calls were always answered or returned quickly. Mr. Davidson and Debbie worked very hard on my case and spent many hours in collecting and presenting my information to the other lawyer and court. The expert witness was, I think, the very best and fairly spoke in my favor. I would only use Michael Davidson to help me in these types of matters.

Debra Rosen

Medical Malpractice Client

I came to Davidson Law Center to convert my legal separation into a divorce. I was very pleased with the services I received. They were professional and tried to help me resolve my case with the best results. I appreciate their assistance. I would highly recommend them.

Ryan Wright

Family Law Client

In 2010 I was involved in a pedestrian v. motor vehicle collision. I retained Davidson Law Center and they were able to get me my wage loss and a nice settlement.

Justin Combs

Personal Injury Client

My daughter was struck by a car and injured. Davidson Law Center was able to obtain all available insurance benefits for her and we are very satisfied with the services.

Maria Lopez

Mother of Personal Injury Client

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